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Dear Devotees,

The temples of Adoor, Madhur, Kavu and Kkanyara (kanipura) are those temples in 'kumbale seeme' that are ancient and revered for their religious and historical significance. These temples were administered by the Kings of the region, thus the reigning deity in Maddur temple is Lord Madanantheshwara. The temple gained fame for the worship of Lord Mahaganapati, believed to be the deity who removes all obstacle from the path of any new venture. This temple has separate sanctuaries for the idols of Kashi Vishwanatha, Hamsaroopi Sadashiva, Shri dharmashaatha, Shri Durga Parameshwari, Shri Subrahmanya and Shri Veerabhadra. The three storied temple that is built the shape of on elephant's torso, is constructed on a lush green plain flanked on all sides by mountains and vallies with the beautiful river Madhuvahini (kashmira) flowing quietly beside it and arouses feelings of deep religiosity in devotees, at first sight itself.

The sheer expanse of the temple premises, the design of the welcome pillar as well as the sculpted wooden doorframes are a reflection of the high standards of art and architecture of our forefathers. The wooden pillars which support the roofs, inside the temple are an example of tha technical expertise and professionalism of the planners. The sculptures on the outer portion of the upper storey are a classic example of rare artistry. They have been sculpted with laterite, plasterins and wood. The inside of the ceiling of the tabernacle has exquisite wooden carvings of scenes from the Ramayana, right from the putrakameshtiyaga up to the Seetha Swayamvara. It is clear that the temple is a vast storehouse of vaastu architecture, sculptural art as wellas carvings from the epics and folk tales and rightfully needs to be preserved for the benefit of future generations. As per the observations of foreign pilgrims, it is world class and comparable to any sculptural art worldwide. It is in fact, a poemin stone and not a mere structure. Naturally, this ambitious project cannot be completed merely by depending on the funds oof the temple. It needs the generous co-operation of devotees as well. 


 Sri Sri Sri Keshavananda Bharathi Swamiji. Ednir Mutt, Kasaragod          

Sri Daana Marthanda Varmaraja Ramanatharasu - XII, Heriditary Trustee


President, Office Bearers and Members, Renovation Committee    

'Executive Officer and Employees, Sri Madanantheshwara Siddivinayaka Temple


Your contributions may be made through the following bank:

Bank: Canara Bank

Branch: Bank road, Kasaragod Branch

SB A/C NO: 0711101070136 (IFSC-CNRB0000711)

Account name: Sree Madanantheshwara Siddivinayaka Temple Renovation Committee



Bank: North Malabar Grameena Bank

Branch: Madhur Branch

SB A/C NO: 18137070946

Account name: Sree Madanantheshwara Siddivinayaka Temple Renovation Committee


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