Construction of Rajagopuras : 
It is planned to construct two rajagopuras with intricate carvings at eastern and western entrances of the temple courtyard.
Construction of Guest House and Bhojanashala with dining hall and kitchen : 
Madhur Kshetra has gained national and international prominence,which has lead to a phenomenal increase in the number of devotees who flock to the present the kitchen is not able to provide service to the devotees to satisfaction. the shrine is definitely in need of a bigger kitchen with moderan facilities as well as a dining hall with higher seating capacity. The fact that visitors who come from far of places cannot be provided lodging in the temple precincts is a very big lacuna. Taking all these into consideration,the renovation committee has decided to construct a two -storey structure of 20,00 sq.feet that incorporates a guest house.
This shrine needs a new yagashala. Yagas of bigger dimensions cannot be held in the present yagashala and hence it is planned to construct a 1600 sq.ft.yagashala.
Kalyana Mantapam/ Auditoriun : A modern Kalyana Mantapam/ Auditorium with capacity for about 1000 guests with,dining hall, kitchen and car parking facility.
Veda Pathashala.
Tantri's Rest House
Modern bus stand, rest rooms snd a shopping complex.
Flood control and drainage system
The estimated budget for the completion of second phase is Rs 13 crores.