The Temple

The temples of Adoor, Madhur, Kavu and Kanyara (Kanipura) are those temples in ‘Kumble Seeme’ that are ancient and revered for their religious and historical significance. These temples were administered by the Rajas of Mayippadi.  

At present, Sri Dana Marthanda Varma Raja Ramantharasugal – XIII of Maipadi Aramane is the Hereditary Trustee of the temple.

The famous Srimadanantheshwara Siddhivinayaka Temple is at Madhur, 8kms North east of Kasaragod. It rises majestically against a beautiful landscape of hills, paddy fields and gardens with river Madhuvahini flowing leisurely in front of it. The three - storied temple that is built in the shape of an elephant’s torso, is constructed on a lush green plain flanked on all sides by mountains and vallies with the beautiful river Madhuvahini (Kashmira) flowing quietly in front. It arouses feelings of deep religiosity in devotees, at first sight itself. This temple is the most famous among six Ganapathi temples of ancients Tulunadu. The statue of Lord Anantheshwara (Shiva Linga) is an Udbhava Moorthi (Idol). The Ganapathi statue is an integral part of the wall of the Garbhagruham (Sanctum sanctorum). Though the reigning deity in Madhur temple is Lord Anantheshwara, the temple gained fame due to Lord Mahaganapathi, believed to be the deity who removes all obstacles from the path of any new venture. This temple has separate sanctuaries for Kashi Vishwanatha, Hamsaroopi Sadashiva, Shri Dharmashastha, Shri Durgaparameshwari, Shri Subrahmanya and Shri Veerabhadra.